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Title: Corolla,Corona,4AGE20V ST,3SFE Parts
Post by: xtux on November 07, 2015, 09:53:50 PM
Corolla Bigbody EE100, Corona Bigbody ST191
4AGE20V SilverTop, 3SFE Engine Manual

read. read. read.

"there's no excuse for stupidity and laziness."
a few things to consider before you inquire.

-hindi ko kasalanan kung malayo ang area ko sa area mo, hindi ko kargo gasolina mo para kunin ang item na gusto mo.

-ang bibili, hindi naghahaggle na hindi nakikita ang item. Puntahanmo at tsaka ka humingi ng bawas presyo.

-hindi porke hindi mo mabili ang pyesa sa presyong gusto mo, magmamaasim ka

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corolla Bigbody Part-out

toms bodykit
front bumper - 2,500
side skirt - 2,500
rear bumper with skirt - 2,500
if set - 6,000

rear view mirror, lock still tight. - 1,500

door shells - 1,500 each
bare door shells only

used TRD Shift Boot - 2,000

front seatbelts - 2,000/pair
rear seatbelts - 3,000 ***sold***

crystal headlight taiwan - 1,200 each, 2,000 pair

chrome hasang - 2,500

gauge cluster - 1,500 - sold
gauge cluster panel - 500 - given as freebie (gone)

front door handle - 500 each
generic sw only as is no adaptor –500
power mirror driver side - 750
dash center panel - 1,500
glove box wih lock - 1,500
washer tank with motor - 1,200
pioneer 6x9 pair - 1,500
hazzard switch - 500
door mouldings - 1,500 set

Fresh Set of Corolla XL/XE 93-95 Manual Sidings
fresh lawanit, wala bulok, malutong ang mga lawanit
fresh vinyl, wala tastas

sidings only
fixed price
no swap
sold as set

super fresh ee100/ae101 corolla bigbody bare dashboard, in pristine condition
walang gasgas ang vinyl, walang butas

"dashboard only" fixed price P10,000

kalas sa pulang corolla ko na partout

1set of corolla 101/111 shocks,springs,mounts
shocks are f1 short struts
springs are oem not htk
mounts are in good condition
no part out, sold as a set
free install basta sa bahay ko dalhin oto

for other parts, text [textspeak!] or call me @ 09176437472
vibe or wechat for pictures


4AGE 20V Silver Top Part-out

finally decided to let her go
no use to have 2 corolla bigbody both with 20V ST

oem hiten wires - 2,000

ultra 8mm magnecore hiten wires - 5500

starter - 3k (SOLD)
alternator 4,500

ITB (with fuel rail and injectors)
note: no TPS, no ISCV

AFM/MAF with Airbox - 4,000/each set
AFM only - 3k
Airbox with tube - 2k

oem 421 ST headers (primary+secondary) - 4500

oem 421 silvertop headers primary + 2inch diameter secondary blackiron (suited for 4af/4afe/5af/5afe/7afe)
- just need to change the top flange to fit your engine

oem silvertop headers (primary) with oem blacktop secondary "no o2 sensor"

for other parts, text [textspeak!] or call me @ 09176437472
vibe or wechat for pictures



TEIN Full Thread Coilovers with Cusco Camber Plates*

*Front Pair
*fixed damping
*stiff springs, estimate spring rate 10-12, good for 3sge/gte

P12,000 neg.

RFS: going for bnew set of coilovers
on 17s 45 series, maibababa pa ang adjustment

pininturahan ng dating owner
may decal pa ng tein ang cylinder
got it that way

*95 corona ex saloon front bumper*
no signal lights

*96 corona exsior front bumper with blackband*
clear signal lights included
note: halogen fog lamps notincluded

for other parts, text [textspeak!] or call me @ 09176437472
vibe or wechat for pictures


3SFE Parts

starter - 3,000
alternator - 3,000

stock airbox with elbow tube - 2500

cylinder head assembly - 8,000 neg.

injectors + fuel rail - 5,000 neg.


for other parts, text [textspeak!] or call me @ 09176437472
vibe or wechat for pictures


*speedline corse*

offset +46
5h 100
still in original paint
1 mag wheel has small gutter mark

mags only 18k

*exsior mags*

fresh, no repairs
tires are almost bnew
may buhok pa mga gulong
rarely used since naka-lowered corona ko, takaw sayad
10,000 asking price fix

for other parts, text [textspeak!] or call me @ 09176437472
vibe or wechat for pictures

Thanks Admins.

Title: Re: Corolla,Corona,4AGE20V ST,3SFE Parts
Post by: JDM20VAE101 on November 27, 2016, 04:04:24 AM

I'm interested on the Toms body kit.

Still available?

whatsapp me 17876133092